Financial auditing

Today, financial auditing includes more than just the legal review of financial statements of medium-sized and large corporations under commercial law. We aspire to offer our customers more than just a conventional audit report with certificate.

No matter whether the audit of annual financial statements, special audits, audit-related consulting services, advice with regard to company transactions or questions on international financial reporting are concerned: We help you to meet the ever increasing requirements for financial reporting, transparency and risk management.

It goes without saying that we also act in the "classic" capacities of a trustee or member of a supervisory / advisory board and we offer our know-how as financial auditors for questions concerning the reorganization of companies.

The services of all specialists working for you in the fields of tax consulting, legal counseling and management consulting are coordinated by one central contact person. You will receive comprehensive consulting and support services under one roof.

Audit of annual financial statements
Special audits
Audit-related consulting services
Advice with regard to company transactions
International financial reporting
Fiduciary activities
Assignment to supervisory / advisory board
Reorganization of companies

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