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Serving you, for more than fifty years now! With regional roots and international connections, we offer you comprehensive solutions for your questions and problems.

Fürst & Partner originates in the tax consulting firm founded by Dr. Heinz Sebiger in 1953.

Dr. Sebiger was a long-time president of the Chamber of Tax Advisors in Nuremberg as well as the "inventor" and executive board chairman of DATEV. Due to business growth in connection with our strategy to seek close contact with our clients, new subsidiaries were opened in Erlangen, Schwabach, Georgensgmünd, Rothenburg o.d.T. and Gera.

Our range of services is now provided by the following companies:

- Fürst & Partner GmbH, tax consulting company
- Fürst & Partner GmbH, financial auditing company
- Fürst, Nickl & Partner GbR, lawyers, financial auditors, tax advisors
- Fürst Unternehmensberatung GmbH, management consulting company
- Fürst, Fuchs & Kollegen GmbH, tax consulting company
- Fürst & Schilling GmbH, tax consulting company
- EXTERNA GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

With altogether more than 115 employees, we can operate from our various locations to bring customized services to our clients without having to cover long distances. For special issues, we can always seek expert advice from our specialists at the main office in Nuremberg.

The "Fürst & Partner Concept" covers all issues concerning tax consulting, financial auditing, legal counseling and management consulting - national and international.

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