Challenges – perspectives

As an intern, you can get a taste of the work in the various departments of the group in the course of your studies or vocational orientation. Do you want to get a first impression of a specific career field or gain some first professional work experience? Do not hesitate to apply for an internship at Fürst & Partner.

If you have taken a liking to our profession after your internship, you can proceed with your career at Fürst & Partner in various ways. As an example, you can start your vocational training with us to become an assistant tax consultant or office management assistant or - if you prefer - you can become a legal assistant. As an alternative, you can study business management or law at the university keeping your connections to Fürst & Partner during this time. In this case, we can tutor you in the preparation of an interesting diploma thesis.

After university graduation, you will usually need a few years to put the acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. Then you can take the vocational exam in tax consultancy or even financial auditing. Life-long learning is one of the few constant factors in our profession. You can also study business management on-the-job and gain practical experience directly in the business world. Particularly in the project-oriented field of management consultancy, this is the more usual path. In the course of your continuing career, you will usually specialize in one or several fields of expertise and you will take on more and more responsibilities as a senior employee. Finally, you will assume the management of a subsidiary and take full responsibility as a partner in our business.

This optimal career development is not only a theoretical concept. You can achieve this with your commitment and willingness to always exceed expectations. We would be delighted to accompany you on this path.

Experienced professionals have the opportunity to take supervisory responsibility immediately and thus participate in shaping the fortunes of Fürst & Partner from the start.

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